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This is the Delorean Time Machine seen on Sky News, Uber, BBC, and Pepsi Max.  It's an almost exacting replica of the original car.  It was built by a contractee of Universal Studios in Florida, and spent a day in their theme park for advertising a Back To The Future celebration.  It blows the minds of even the most hardcore fans!

Hire a Delorean Time Machine or a stock Delorean for any special event.  Feel free to pop me an email on the contact page and I'll forward it to the Delorean owner nearest your location.  I know owners in the UK, Ireland, and USA, so if you'd like to find the most convenient and cost effective Delorean, this is the place to be!  Feel free to email me on

Delorean Time Machine

Delorean Hire

Delorean Hire Back To The Future Car Delorean Time Machine UK Delorean Time Machine UK

If you want to

hire a Delorean

, this is one of the most featureful

Back To The Future car

s available worldwide, and is the latest to hit the UK. For more information on hiring this amazing vehicle, please drop me a quick email with full details of the event . I will be updating the gallery from my future (and past) events! "The way I see it, If you're gonna build a

Time Machine

into a car, why not do it with some style?"

Delorean Hire

is not only popular these days due to the Back To The Future trilogy, nor is it only for fans from that era. The Delorean is timeless sports car that pushed the boundries in a lot of ways, and that translates to the popularity that it has today with people of all ages.

Who doesn't want to hire a Back To The Future car and blast through the space time continuum? To actually go back in time and relive great memories, or to travel to the future and see what life will be like, is a fantasy many of us dream of. This Delorean Time Machine is the closest thing possible to be able to re-enact those memorable scenes from the films.

Delorean hire

has become very popular as people are looking for that truly unique experience. The

Delorean Time Machine

is the most iconic movie car of all time, and Back To The Future is widely recognised by many, as the best trilogy of all time. This amazing

Back To The Future car

is road legal, and ready to make any event extra special! For previous events, please take a look at my YouTube channel:

Back To The Future Car Hire  

Delorean Hire

As our tribute to Michael J Fox, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991, we are proud to support Parkinson’s UK (Reg charity No 258197). They are the Parkinson's support and research charity working to find a cure and improve life for everyone affected by this condition.

This website and Delorean Time Machine have no associations with Universal Studios or any other parties involved. This Back To The Future car was built with monumental respect for the trilogy and to keep the memories alive for generations to come. It is being used solely for fan entertainment and to support the above charity.