Want to hire a Delorean Time Machine and blast through time?

I have set up this site as Delorean enthusiast, and to be able to redirect enquiries for both Delorean Time Machines and stock Deloreans to the owners nearest to your location.  Links to all Delorean forums can be found on the Delorean Links page if you'd like to join the community.

Please do bear in mind that these cars are owned by true car/BTTF enthusiasts simply wanting to share the excitement, so backup cars are not strictly available.  For attendances, I would advise giving as much notice as possible.

As with all decisions in life, when searching for BTTF cars, I would highly advise that you ask for feedback on the Delorean forums first to be sure you are getting what is advertised as there are unfortunately a select few that will have you believe untrue facts about their cars history and condition.

If you have any issues with the enquiry form, please email me at doc@deloreanhire.com
Please ensure that you include full details of the event.  If you would prefer to call directly for the Delorean Time Machine, please call 07866 833999 and I'll forward you to the nearest owner.

See you in the future.....or in the past!

Please note: We are unable to do proms and self drive is only available on the stock Delorean.

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