Ever since I first watched Back To The Future, when that


rolled out of the back of Doc Browns transporter in a mysterious cloud of smoke, I was truly blown away.

As far back as I can remember, I have dreamed about owning a Delorean Time Machine. Now that my dream has become a reality, the real satisfaction comes from seeing the reactions in public. It's amazing to hear fans scream " Back To The Future Delorean !" or "Look, it's Marty McFly!" when cruising past..

I'd like to take this opportunity to genuinely thank not only the directors and original cast, but every last person that was involved in creating this heart warming trilogy that can be enjoyed for all time! I would also like to thank DMC & John Delorean for creating a truly unique sports car. The Delorean will always be regarded as one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, and was undoubtedly helped Back To The Future become the inspiring trilogy that it is today.

Myself and the Delorean Time Machine are now working with Parkinsons UK to help erase this disease from the space time continuum. Having the opportunity to assist one of my life heroes, along with many others worldwide, will be a true honour!

Special Credits: I'd like to thank Bruce Coulombe, my good friend in Florida for helping make my dream a reality. I'd also like to thank Temporal FX who recently restored our 'hero' Delorean Time Machine, and all other Delorean Time Machinists! They have all been a real inspiration to me, and I have followed all their updates closely, offering my support and mentioning their work to fans everywhere I go. I hope to visit Universal Studios California in the year 2015 to see the "A" car up close and personal, and meet many other like minded Back To The Future fans. I'd like to also thank from the bottom of my heart, Universal Studios Florida for providing myself and my family such amazing memories over the years, especially the Back To The Future Ride (RIP).


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